Service is technically very well equipped, owing to what even complicated repairs can be done reliably and in a short time.
Among other things, our technical equipment includes:
oscilloscope, vibrodiagnostic equipment Schenck, balancing machine, lathes, milling cutter, sandblast system, big grinding machine, hydraulic press 45t, hoist 2t, drying furnace, etc.
ABC Elektroservis Komjatice

All repaired machines are diagnosed, so the cause of the failure can be determined. In this way you can protect the machine from repeated failures in the future.

In case of severe damage we provide the following analyses:
  • defectoscopy of squirrel cage rotors
    Damaged rotor cage can endanger the motor smooth run by causing torque ripples and faster overheating of the rotor. This additional heating can be the source of further rotor damage. With damaged cage in the rotor the motor may not start properly, or it may even become totally disabled.
  • vibrodiagnosis of rotating machines
    Vibration frequency analysis can provide a good picture about the technical state of motor. Using this kind of analysis we can detect the motor damage in its early stage and thus prevent its expansion. The mechanical vibrations can be caused by unbalanced rotor, rotor axial misalignment, damage of the magnetic circuit, worn bearings, assymetric phase load, etc.
  • balancing of rotors (non-certified)
    Unbalanced rotor is the source of mechanical vibrations, which have negative influence on the bearings lifetime. By proper rotor balance you can significantly extend the machine's trouble-free operation time, decrease the noise and by decreasing the mechanical power losses also improve the machine's efficiency.
  • winding interturn short-circuit testing
    The presence of interturn short-circuit in stator winding lowers the self-inductance of coils, increases the nominal current and creates assymetries in rotating magnetic field. Consequently the temperature of winding is increasing till the insulation is melted. Winding with interturn short-circuit is going to be broken in short time.
After repair all motors are tested by our staff and we provide 6 month warranty period on each one of them.

We provide service for :


- single phase transformers (up to 10 kVA)
- three phase transformers (up to 20 kVA)
- asynchronous el.motors (up to 55 kW)
- synchronous reluctance motors
- others el.machines on request


- sewage pumps
- centrifugal vertical spiral pumps :
    and other SIGMA
  • blenders
  • others pumps on request
- centrifugal horizontal pumps
- rotary screw pumps :
  • 5/4´´ EFRU, GSS, GST
  • 1 1/4´´ NP-01, PKRN
  • 1´´EVGU , 1´´EVBU , 1´´EQP , 1´´EQR
- hot-water circulation pumps :
  • Lutín : NTV , NTR , NTC - on request
  • WILO : warranty and post-warranty service
    for all pumps
  • other pumps on request
- submersible pumps :
  • UVN – only after telephonic agreement
- electro-motors for submersible pumps
  • TU-85 - 2,2 - 15 kW

  • Listed services are provided in short time.
  • Prices are within the range of 25% to 50% of current price of a new item, depending on the scope of the damage.
  • Warranty period of repaired items is 6 months.
  • We can arrange a bulk discount and transport for all mass orders.
  • Informative price list available on request.

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